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ABOUTRoeathea Butler


Hi! My name is Roeathea.  I love working with high-achieving professionals who find that they are continuously putting the needs of others or work ahead of themselves.  They are trying to reduce the importance they place on what others think of them and reduce the impact of societal and self-imposed pressure to be perfect.  I understand the struggle because I have been there.  I know what it’s like to be good at what you do and struggle with healthy boundaries that show up as being a workaholic.  Maybe for you, you find your emotions and positive feelings about yourself constantly changing based upon the opinions of others or you feel that people are always falling short of your expectations.  Leaving you feeling sad, depressed, and anxious about trusting others or yourself.  We will work together to explore behaviors and thought patterns to encourage personal growth and open up new life possibilities. 

My style is honest, direct, compassionate, respectful, and humorous.  I offer trauma informed and LGBTQ+ affirming care.  In addition, I am traditional and can be considered “new age-y” in my practice, as I study alternative evidence-based practices that have been proven to be effective in relieving emotional pain.

I enjoy having fun and I believe life is to be lived to the fullest!!  I am a foodie who doesn’t eat red meat, go figure. I am an introvert who is okay hanging with the crowd….so, I guess this means I’m more of an ambivert and through my own therapy I have learned to embrace the fullness of the dichotomy that is me.  You can catch me burning up the dance floor as I enjoy dancing (all kinds), movies, music, meditation, holistic health practices, photography, going to the beach, connecting with friends and family, and am always up for an adventure.  My motto is, “Have passport will travel.” 

I’m originally from New Orleans and I have been fortunate to live in Europe and on the East and West coasts.  I received my Master’s degree in Social Work from Howard University School of Social Work and my Bachelors degree in Psychology from San Jose State University.  I am an independent clinically licensed social worker in Maryland, Washington, DC and Virginia.  I am trained in both traditional and non-traditional evidence-based treatment methods and I am a certified coach. 

  • San Jose State University – BA Psychology
  • Howard University – MSW
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Comprehensive Energy Psychology
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping)
  • Emotionally Focused Individual Therapy
  • Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (advanced training)
  • Certified Somatic Attachment Therapy
  • Certified Financial Social Worker
  • Sound Healing/Therapy
  • Certified Professional Coach
Rate is $250 per hour

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