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You've been contemplating making a change in your life and it's as easy as 1, 2, 3....

Step 1: Schedule your consultation

It’s time to have the life you envision. This is the first step on the journey. Book your 15 minute consultation. The consultation call is FREE. However, a credit card is required to book your appointment as a $50 fee will be charged for no shows.

Step 2: Fill out your questionnaire

Complete the “pre-consultation form” at least 24 hours before your scheduled consultation appointment and prepare any questions that you may have for the consult. This will help us with knowing where to focus during the consultation call.

Step 3: Talk to AWS staff

Attend your video consultation. This will help us explore your needs and you will learn a little more about our practice. If we find that we have a clinician that fits your needs we will get your first appointment scheduled.

For review:

  1. We are an Out of Network provider, meaning we do not accept insurance for services provided.
  2. We do provide documentation, a Superbill, that you can submit to your insurance for reimbursement of a portion of your payment.
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